We are specialists in designing workflow integration systems for streamlining business processes.

We have developed our own frameworks, experimented with a vast range of OpenSource technologies, put to extensive tests research ideas and techniques relating to data processing, media management and the publishing of large volumes of digital content in both archival and critical live feed environments. Essential to the entire process is ensuring that the content can be delivered with speed and responsively across multiple platforms and environments.

We have subsequently created a number of digital solutions that are in use by clients.


Carephlow is our compliance management platform for organisations involved in care management. Customised forms and sheets facilitate the data capture, observations and evidence gathering of information pertaining to the care management of the patient. Intuitive tools enable you to quickly compile audit and compliance reports for supporting ‘key lines of enquiry’ (KLOEs) during inspections by assessors or the CQC.

Carephlow enables you to perform audits to ensure compliance with CQC regulations, standards, and operating procedures.

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Our system that allows you to design forms for any scenario involving data capture online and offline using any device. It allows you to set validation parameters for enforcing the integrity of the data. A comprehensive compliance and audit workflow ensures information can only be signed off that has passed stringent system rules or been approved by management. You have complete control over managing the output of the information for integrating into your internal systems.

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Our system that allows you to refine medium to large volumes of data already captured using our validation and cleansing services. Customised validation modules can be incorporated to reflect your business needs. You can also integrate our API directly into your systems to run validation processes including Post code address look ups, checking of sort codes and account numbers using the industry standard modulus checks. During tasks, audit and report updates keep you informed of failed processes and actions that may require human intervention.


Our immersive system for creating compelling presentations for delivering via mobile devices. You control the content released to staff and lock down templates that you do not want to be modified.
As staff out in the field establish connections you get realtime feedback of activities. You can see successful sales outcomes, sign ups and rejections allowing you to take appropriate actions and send feedback.

Phocuus DAM

Our flagship digital asset management system for enabling large volumes of rich media to be maintained by Photo Libraries, agencies and corporate libraries.