Champions Life Academy a fundraising agency run large scale campaigns for their client, EveryChild. Teams of fundraisers with mobile devices and hard copy forms are employed to

The EveryChild web app

deliver face to face pitches and convert customers into sign ups that make monthly pledges to the charity. Fundraisers face the challenge of working in remote territories and operate on the basis of no available network connection. The volumes of fundraisers also increases the probability of inconsistencies in the information supplied and the risk of compromising the data integrity.

Champions required a solution with robust validation and efficient workflow for enabling large volumes of fundraisers to gather details of successful sign ups. Using the mobile devices, information gathered needed to be stored securely for transferring to the CRM system once a connection could be established.
The sign up information gathered needed to be integral for processing by banks and establishing ongoing correspondence with the charity and any other trusted third party source. This was key as it helped to reduce the attrition rates of failures that can occur due to supply of incorrect data.


  • Configure template forms to mirror hard copy forms for direct debit sign ups
  • Set up forms with checks and validations for enforcing the quality of information gathered
  • Apply conditional logic to determine eligible fields to display if selected
  • Ability to quickly register high volumes of fundraisers using system at different periods in the campaign
  • Mobile devices able gather information in offline and online mode
  • Online option for handling classic hard copy registrations
  • Wizard to enable face to face sort code and account number verification
  • Wizard to enable face to face postal address verification
  • Define first direct debit payment from the sign up date
  • Ability for team managers and head office to monitor entire workflow process
  • Audit trail of activities performed by fundraisers for assuming full responsibilities of actions
  • Set targets and monitor statistical reports of sales progress
  • Post processing and preparation of data for transferring to the charity
  • Securely gather, store and transfer information to the CRM system for processing
  • Format signed off data for csv output
  • Secure output and data transfer of sign up information to the charity’s FTP or trusted environment
  • Dynamic pdfs generation of sign up forms and welcome packs


Champions uses DataPhlow for running summer campaigns for gathering new sign ups that has resulted in:

  • Improved process has reduced some of the laborious tasks e.g. generating welcome packs and digitising hard copy forms for auditing purposes
  • Streamlined processing of transaction payment date across all sign ups more cost effective
  • Successful campaign resulting in seven thousand sign ups - renewed campaign run for 2014
  • Attrition rates drastically reduced
  • Engaged customers using rich media tools for sharing their sign up experience
  • Retention rates improved as result of the enhanced customer experience of the whole process
  • Automatic generation of digital forms provides an audit trail for addressing accounting procedures
  • Ability to create personalised welcome packs for successful sign ups helps to improve back office operat
  • Aesthetically appealing form interfaces help to enforce the brand across campaigns